Warp Lightning Cannons

ID: wh2_main_skv_art_warp_lightning_cannon


Warp Lightning Cannons
Siege Artillery
56 1000 250
Armour-Piercing Missiles
Armour 30
Leadership 50
Speed 42
Melee Attack 16
Melee Defence 16
Weapon Strength 18
Charge Bonus 2
Ammunition 22


Unit Description

This deadly weapon fires in the blink of an eye, leaving gaping holes and scorched earth in its wake.

Historical Description

The Warp Lightning Cannon is a contraption built by the fiendishly clever Warlock Engineers and powered by an enormous hunk of raw Warpstone. This wonder weapon generates unearthly energy, which is directed along a rune-etched barrel forged and enchanted to channel such destructive fury. When fired, the Warp Lightning Cannon emits a sizzling ball of Warp-energy. Any near the shot are rocked in its wake, fur standing on end, with a sickly green light burnt into their mind's eye. The bolt arcs earthwards, punching through anything in its path and then erupts in a crackling cloud of pure Warp lightning. The shot flashes too quickly to follow, but its trail, once it lands on the ground, is easily marked - scorch signs follow its path and anything in the way will have a gaping hole in the exact shape of the beam.


Cannot Run

This unit cannot run and will only move at walking pace.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Anti-large units have an advantage against targets that are at least as large as a horse. This advantage can be a damage bonus against large targets or an attack that focuses on a very small area. However, some units are simply better against large targets because their attacks are slow and easy to dodge by skilled melee combatants.

Armour-Piercing Missiles

The damage of armour-piercing weapons mostly ignores the armour of the target, making them the ideal choice against heavily-armoured enemies. They are often heavier and attack at a slower rate though, making them less efficient against poorly-armoured targets.

Detailed Stats

Battle Entity Stats
Unit Size Small
Unit Type Man
Hit Points 8
Walk Speed 1.50
Run Speed 4.20
Acceleration 2.00
Deceleration 4.00
Charge Speed 4.80
Ch. Dist. to Commence Run 30.00
Ch. Dist. to Adopt Pose 25.00
Ch. Dist. to Pick Target 25.00
Turn Speed 120
Strafe Speed 1.00
Land Unit Stats
Unit Category Siege Engine
Unit Class Field Artillery
Move Action Points 2100
Melee Attack 16
Melee Defence 16
Charge Bonus 2
Melee (Dismounted)
Visibility Range 40 - 1500
Spot Tree Distance 60
Spot Scrub Distance 60
Rank Depth 4
Morale 50
Bonus Hit Points 40
Unit Stats
Unit Caste War Machine
Unit Weight Medium
Unit Group Siege Artillery
Unit Group Parent Artillery & War Machines
Recruitment Turns 2
Recruitment Cost 1000
Upkeep Cost 250
Unit Size 56
Melee CP 100
Missile CP 900


Melee Weapon
Weapon Size
Weapon Type Sword
Bonus vs Cavalry
Bonus vs Large
Bonus vs Infantry
Weapon Damage 14
Weapon AP Damage 4
Building Damage 10
Armour Value 30
Missile Block Chance 0