White Lions of Chrace

ID: wh2_main_hef_inf_white_lions_of_chrace_0


White Lions of Chrace
Great Axe Infantry
100 800 200
Lion Cloak
Forest Strider
Armour 90
Leadership 75
Speed 33
Melee Attack 36
Melee Defence 28
Weapon Strength 34
Charge Bonus 18


Unit Description

Charged to defend the Phoenix King to the last, they cut their opponents down with their savage great axes.

Historical Description

The White Lions have served as the personal guard of the Phoenix King since the time of Caledor the First. White Lion regiments are often despatched to join the armies of Ulthuan during times of particular danger, tasked with protecting High Elf generals and mages, or bolstering the overall strength of the army. White Lions are renowned for their unflinching courage in the face of overwhelming odds and terrible horrors, protecting their charge whatever the foe and regardless of the danger to themselves.


Martial Prowess

High Elves excel as warriors, having trained in martial disciplines for the equivalent of many men's lifetimes.


Hide (forest)

This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.


This unit can pass through trees.

Strengths & Weaknesses


The damage of armour-piercing weapons mostly ignores the armour of the target, making them the ideal choice against heavily-armoured enemies. They are often heavier and attack at a slower rate though, making them less efficient against poorly-armoured targets.


Armoured units can block damage from any source apart from Armour-Piercing damage.

Forest Strider

Specialists in forest warfare, this unit gains melee attack and defence advantages when fighting in forests.

Lion Cloak

White Lion fur is not merely a fashionable status symbol, it also provides protection against regular and magical missile attacks.

Detailed Stats

Battle Entity Stats
Unit Size Small
Unit Type Man
Hit Points 8
Walk Speed 1.50
Run Speed 3.30
Acceleration 3.00
Deceleration 4.00
Charge Speed 4.00
Ch. Dist. to Commence Run 30.00
Ch. Dist. to Adopt Pose 25.00
Ch. Dist. to Pick Target 25.00
Turn Speed 140
Strafe Speed 1.00
Land Unit Stats
Unit Category Melee Infantry
Unit Class Melee Infantry
Move Action Points 2100
Melee Attack 36
Melee Defence 28
Charge Bonus 18
Melee (Dismounted)
Visibility Range 40 - 1500
Spot Tree Distance 60
Spot Scrub Distance 60
Rank Depth 5
Morale 75
Bonus Hit Points 67
Unit Stats
Unit Caste Melee Infantry
Unit Weight Medium
Unit Group Great Axe Infantry
Unit Group Parent Infantry
Recruitment Turns 1
Recruitment Cost 800
Upkeep Cost 200
Unit Size 100
Melee CP 800
Missile CP


Melee Weapon
Weapon Size
Weapon Type Axe
Bonus vs Cavalry
Bonus vs Large
Bonus vs Infantry
Weapon Damage 9
Weapon AP Damage 25
Building Damage 14
Armour Value 90
Missile Block Chance 0