Dreadlord (Sword & Crossbow)

ID: wh2_main_def_cha_dreadlord_0


Dreadlord (Sword & Crossbow)
Hybrid-Weapon Infantry
1 1000 250
Armour-Piercing Missiles
Armour 90
Leadership 80
Speed 36
Melee Attack 60
Melee Defence 45
Weapon Strength 400
Charge Bonus 35
Ammunition 40
Range 125
Missile Strength 250


Unit Description

Power, achieved through intimidation and strength on the battlefield; fear instils loyalty.

Historical Description

Dreadlords and masters are the so-called noble-born rulers of Naggaroth. They range from sycophantic schemers to masterful strategists who have waged war across a hundred battlefields. Though all such nobles pursue their own unique enthusiasms and ambitions, they are without exception selfish individuals, possessed of an arrogance matched only by their martial prowess, honed over centuries of unceasing war. Many Dreadlords owe their position of power to their bloodlines, daring exploits, or the Witch King's mercurial favours. Others are granted temporary power by means of a writ of iron - an edict granted by one of the six rulers of the great cities of Naggaroth. He who bears a writ of iron shares the sponsor's authority - a powerful tool for the ambitious. However, should a Dark Elf fail in his appointed task, or show cowardice whilst acting in his sponsor's name, the writ is melted down and the molten remains poured down his throat. Such is the price of failure in Naggaroth.


Volley of Dark Arrows

By which an unexpected shower of pointy death rains down upon the unfortunate targets. Ouch!


The authorisation to loose arrows without adherence to drill makes for an irregular - and therefore far deadlier - hail of pointed death.

Murderous Prowess

Slaughter! There is no greater glorification of Khaine, the God of Murder, and no more popular form of worship amongst the Dark Elves. It is through killing that Dark Elves rise above other beings. Once engulfed in enough bloodshed, they will often feel their murderous prowess increase, as if Khaine himself was guiding the blades of his disciples.

Murderous Prowess Indicator

Once enough blood has been shed, the Dark Elves’ murderous prowess increases, as if Khaine himself was guiding his disciples' blades!


There are those who wish nothing more than to be at the heart of battle, seeking foes to vanquish.



This unit provides a leadership bonus to nearby allies. Units within range of both the Lord's aura and an encouraging unit will receive the larger of the two bonuses.

Hide (forest)

This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Armour-Piercing Missiles

The damage of armour-piercing weapons mostly ignores the armour of the target, making them the ideal choice against heavily-armoured enemies. They are often heavier and attack at a slower rate though, making them less efficient against poorly-armoured targets.


Armoured units can block damage from any source apart from Armour-Piercing damage.

Detailed Stats

Battle Entity Stats
Unit Size Small
Unit Type Man
Hit Points 8
Walk Speed 1.50
Run Speed 3.60
Acceleration 3.00
Deceleration 4.00
Charge Speed 4.40
Ch. Dist. to Commence Run 35.00
Ch. Dist. to Adopt Pose 30.00
Ch. Dist. to Pick Target 30.00
Turn Speed 120
Strafe Speed 1.00
Land Unit Stats
Unit Category Missile Infantry
Unit Class Command
Move Action Points 2100
Melee Attack 60
Melee Defence 45
Charge Bonus 35
Melee (Dismounted)
Visibility Range 40 - 1500
Spot Tree Distance 60
Spot Scrub Distance 60
Rank Depth 1
Morale 80
Bonus Hit Points 4060
Unit Stats
Unit Caste Lord
Unit Weight Heavy
Unit Group Hybrid-Weapon Infantry
Unit Group Parent Lords
Recruitment Turns 1
Recruitment Cost 1000
Upkeep Cost 250
Unit Size 1
Melee CP 450
Missile CP 400


Melee Weapon
Weapon Size Medium
Weapon Type Sword
Bonus vs Cavalry
Bonus vs Large
Bonus vs Infantry
Weapon Damage 260
Weapon AP Damage 140
Building Damage 150
Missile Weapon
Projectile Number 2
Effective Range 125
Minimum Range
Marksmanship Bonus 70
Projectile Spread 1.65
Damage 40
Armor-Piercing Damage 140
Base Reload Time 12
Armour Value 90
Missile Block Chance 0