Poisoned Wind Mortars

ID: wh2_dlc14_skv_inf_poison_wind_mortar_0


Poisoned Wind Mortars
Weapon Team
12 1000 250
Poisoned Wind Globes
Damage Dealer
Good Range
Armour 70
Leadership 50
Speed 38
Melee Attack 14
Melee Defence 16
Weapon Strength 18
Charge Bonus 2
Ammunition 14
Range 250
Missile Strength 64


Unit Description

The aim is calibrated, the muzzle is loaded and “FOOMPH!”, the deadly orb of Warpstone Gas is away!

Historical Description

The Poisoned Wind Mortar is a form of light-artillery that allows a small team of Globadiers to lob a much larger payload of Poisoned Wind Globes at a much greater range than a lone Globadier could ever hope to achieve. This two-Skaven team requires one of its member to strap on the mortar upon his back while a second Skaven would load the ammunition inside the mortar itself. Additionally, with some hastily-squealed directions, a Poisoned Wind Mortar has the ability to fire on the go or indirectly at the enemy. Such a situation, where hurting the enemy without risking their own lives has always been an appealing idea to any Skaven.


Scurry Away!

He who runs away lives to fight another day! - so the foul, craven adage goes.

Strength in Numbers

Skaven are craven by nature but take courage when in packs of their own kind, where they move slower but enjoy the safety of numbers.


Hide (forest)

This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Damage Dealer

This unit has a strong emphasis on dealing damage. If fighting it, make sure to take it out before it can get into firing or melee range.

Good Range

This unit has a larger range than most other units of the same class. This allows it to take out hostile missile units before they can come into firing range.

Poisoned Wind Globes

Misleadingly, and to the horror of anyone exposed to its content, the globes thrown by the Poisoned Wind Globadiers do not release poison, but a small cloud of lethal Warpstone gas. The larger the target's surface, the more pain it will experience.

Detailed Stats

Battle Entity Stats
Unit Size Small
Unit Type Giant
Hit Points 8
Walk Speed 1.50
Run Speed 3.80
Acceleration 3.50
Deceleration 5.00
Charge Speed 4.50
Ch. Dist. to Commence Run 30.00
Ch. Dist. to Adopt Pose 25.00
Ch. Dist. to Pick Target 25.00
Turn Speed 120
Strafe Speed 1.00
Land Unit Stats
Unit Category Missile Infantry
Unit Class Missile Infantry
Move Action Points 2100
Melee Attack 14
Melee Defence 16
Charge Bonus 2
Melee (Dismounted)
Visibility Range 40 - 1500
Spot Tree Distance 60
Spot Scrub Distance 60
Rank Depth 2
Morale 50
Bonus Hit Points 320
Unit Stats
Unit Caste Missile Infantry
Unit Weight Medium
Unit Group Weapon Team
Unit Group Parent Missile Infantry
Recruitment Turns 2
Recruitment Cost 1000
Upkeep Cost 250
Unit Size 12
Melee CP 50
Missile CP 900


Melee Weapon
Weapon Size
Weapon Type Axe
Bonus vs Cavalry
Bonus vs Large
Bonus vs Infantry
Weapon Damage 14
Weapon AP Damage 4
Building Damage 10
Missile Weapon
Projectile Number 1
Effective Range 250
Minimum Range 60
Marksmanship Bonus 10
Projectile Spread
Damage 6
Armor-Piercing Damage 48
Base Reload Time 14
Armour Value 70
Missile Block Chance 0