Animated Hulks

ID: wh2_dlc11_cst_mon_animated_hulks_0


Animated Hulks
Monstrous Infantry
16 750 187
Armour 35
Leadership 40
Speed 38
Melee Attack 30
Melee Defence 24
Weapon Strength 110
Charge Bonus 12


Unit Description

Walking, rotting Ogre flesh fused with ship debris and sea monsters makes for truly twisted abominations.

Historical Description

An Ogre risen from the dead is amongst the most powerful of minions a Necromancer can control, and a most terrifying abomination to face in battle. The nomadic brutes sometimes take passage aboard ocean-going vessels on their worldly travels, but most are too dim-witted to understand the risk the ocean poses to them, since their dense bellies and hulking frames make them some of the worst swimmers in existence. Whether an Ogre dies by drowning or meets its end by some other means at sea, once its massive, waterlogged corpse spends a prolonged period floating in the briny water it becomes invaluable to seafaring Necromancers. Attributed to the mysterious effects of Galleon’s Graveyard which touches everything that perishes at sea, the reanimation process applied to dead Ogres often yields unpredictable results, sometimes amalgamating their huge bodies with ship parts, or even sprouting limbs and additional heads of hideous sea monsters.



The dead do not rest easily in the Old World. Those summoned by Vampires and Necromancers no longer have mortal concerns - they serve only their master's will.


The Dark Magic binding has failed. Both flesh and necromantic energy slough off the subjects, leaving naught but dust.


Can Cause Fear

This unit frightens all enemy units, reducing their leadership when nearby. It is also immune to fear. Fear penalties do not stack.


Strengths & Weaknesses


Anti-infantry units have an advantage against targets that are smaller than a horse. This advantage can be a damage bonus against small targets, superior weight used to smash through lighter enemies, or an explosive attack from range that affects a large area.


Whereas some units struggle to fight and move in shallow water, aquatic units excel.


The damage of armour-piercing weapons mostly ignores the armour of the target, making them the ideal choice against heavily-armoured enemies. They are often heavier and attack at a slower rate though, making them less efficient against poorly-armoured targets.

Detailed Stats

Battle Entity Stats
Unit Size Large
Unit Type Giant
Hit Points 8
Walk Speed 2.00
Run Speed 3.80
Acceleration 4.00
Deceleration 4.00
Charge Speed 6.50
Ch. Dist. to Commence Run 40.00
Ch. Dist. to Adopt Pose 35.00
Ch. Dist. to Pick Target 35.00
Turn Speed 80
Strafe Speed 1.00
Land Unit Stats
Unit Category Melee Infantry
Unit Class Melee Infantry
Move Action Points 2100
Melee Attack 30
Melee Defence 24
Charge Bonus 12
Melee (Dismounted)
Visibility Range 40 - 1500
Spot Tree Distance 60
Spot Scrub Distance 60
Rank Depth 2
Morale 40
Bonus Hit Points 594
Unit Stats
Unit Caste Monstrous Infantry
Unit Weight Heavy
Unit Group Monstrous Infantry
Unit Group Parent Monsters & Beasts
Recruitment Turns 2
Recruitment Cost 750
Upkeep Cost 187
Unit Size 16
Melee CP 750
Missile CP


Melee Weapon
Weapon Size Medium
Weapon Type Sword
Bonus vs Cavalry
Bonus vs Large
Bonus vs Infantry
Weapon Damage 33
Weapon AP Damage 77
Building Damage 100
Armour Value 35
Missile Block Chance 0