Erengrad Harbour

ID: wh_main_special_erengrad_port_2


Erengrad Harbour
Level 3
Special Port
3 4 6000

Building Upgrade

Erengrad Port
Level 4
5 6 13500

Building Downgrade

Erengrad Harbour
Level 3
3 4 6000


Building Description

Known simply as "the harbour", Erengrad is one of the largest ports, despite being under the control of its infamous Guilds.

Historical Description

Erengrad is divided into three main areas, the high city, the low city and the harbour. The harbour is massive, spanning countless docks, wharfs and quays, and all of it in the Guilds' iron grip. The boyars used to control sea traffic, ensuring that correct taxes and bribes were collected, but all that changed following the Chaos Invasion. When the city was rebuilt, the Guild families ensured they had dominance.


Income generated: 1000

Scope Source Target Ownership Location Territory
Building To Building Own Faction Building Yours Buildingwide Any

Additional tradable resources produced: +5%

Scope Source Target Ownership Location Territory
Faction To Faction Own Faction Faction Yours Factionwide Any

Growth: +20

Scope Source Target Ownership Location Territory
Region To Province Own Region Province Yours Provincewide Any

Detailed Stats

Building Level Stats
Level 2
Capital Level 3
Turns to Create 4
Cost to Create 6000
Upkeep Cost
Development Cost
Food Cost
Slave Cap
Can Convert
Can Be Damaged
Building Chain Stats
Building Chain Special Port
Building Category Money
Building Set Port
Culture Array
Subculture Array
Campaign Mortal Empires, The Eye of the Vortex