Fog-Shrouded Fens

ID: wh_main_nor_creatures_2


Fog-Shrouded Fens
Level 2
Creatures of Chaos
4 3 3000

Building Upgrade

Glacial Passages
Level 3
5 4 4000


Building Description

Deep within the bog, fiendish thugs wallow in waiting until the calling of battle.

Historical Description

Where the land suits them, the amphibious Fimir haunt the desolate moorlands of Norsca, especially where it is boggy and marshy enough for them to feel comfortable. Deep in the fens, they build their primitive shelters in craggy piles of rock which are seldom seen by outsiders. Most of the time Fimir hovels are wreathed in thick mist magically generated by their Balefiends to hide them from prying eyes, but mostly to shield them from the harsh glare of the sun. Norsca is the ideal habitat for the Fimir due to the exceptionally long and dark winters, which mean they aren’t subjected to much sunlight anyway.


Hero capacity: +1 for Fimir Balefiends

Scope Source Target Ownership Location Territory
Faction To Faction Own Unseen Faction Faction Yours Factionwide Any

Enables Hero recruitment: Fimir Balefiend

Scope Source Target Ownership Location Territory
Province To Province Own Unseen Province Province Yours Provincewide Any

Detailed Stats

Building Level Stats
Level 1
Capital Level 4
Turns to Create 3
Cost to Create 3000
Upkeep Cost
Development Cost
Food Cost
Slave Cap
Can Convert
Can Be Damaged
Building Chain Stats
Building Chain Creatures of Chaos
Building Category Military
Building Set Military Recruitment
Culture Chaos
Subculture Norsca
Campaign Mortal Empires, The Eye of the Vortex