Gunsmith's Forge

ID: wh_main_dwf_workshop_2


Gunsmith's Forge
Level 2
Guild Workshops
3 3 5000

Building Upgrade

Level 3
4 4 7500


Building Description

The secret of black powder, formulated here, is one shared only between the Empire and Dwarfs.

Historical Description

The powder hall is a part of the Hold not visited often by those who do not work there, for should a naked flame be brought in then the chances of survival are small. Along the blackened walls are many barrels that contain the ingredients for black powder, which, when formulated, is used to power the most deadly weapons in the Dwarf arsenal.

Detailed Stats

Building Level Stats
Level 1
Capital Level 3
Turns to Create 3
Cost to Create 5000
Upkeep Cost
Development Cost
Food Cost
Slave Cap
Can Convert
Can Be Damaged
Building Chain Stats
Building Chain Guild Workshops
Building Category Military
Building Set Military Recruitment
Culture Dwarfs
Subculture Dwarfs
Campaign Mortal Empires, The Eye of the Vortex