Skarsnik's Black Orc Barracks

ID: wh_dlc06_grn_military_4_skarsnik


Skarsnik's Black Orc Barracks
Level 3
Greenskin Recruitment
4 4 6000


Building Description

The meanest and strongest of their kind, the Black Orcs rarely mix with others, preferring their own barracks.


Hero capacity: +1 for Black Orc Big Bosses

Scope Source Target Ownership Location Territory
Faction To Faction Own Unseen Faction Faction Yours Factionwide Any

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Black Orc Big Boss

Scope Source Target Ownership Location Territory
Province To Province Own Unseen Province Province Yours Provincewide Any

Detailed Stats

Building Level Stats
Level 2
Capital Level 4
Turns to Create 4
Cost to Create 6000
Upkeep Cost
Development Cost
Food Cost
Slave Cap
Can Convert
Can Be Damaged
Building Chain Stats
Building Chain Greenskin Recruitment
Building Category Military
Building Set Military Recruitment
Subculture Greenskins
Campaign Mortal Empires, The Eye of the Vortex