Lair of the Broodmother (Dormant)

ID: wh2_dlc15_special_mount_arachnos_1


Lair of the Broodmother (Dormant)
Level 1
1 2 2000

Building Upgrade

Lair of the Broodmother (Stirring)
Level 2
2 4 4000


Building Description

In the dark, a giant skittering figure lurks, where Forest Goblins often throw themselves in their mad search for spider mounts.


Income generated: 50

Scope Source Target Ownership Location Territory
Building To Building Own Faction Building Yours Buildingwide Any

Detailed Stats

Building Level Stats
Capital Level 1
Turns to Create 2
Cost to Create 2000
Upkeep Cost
Development Cost
Food Cost
Slave Cap
Can Convert
Can Be Damaged
Building Chain Stats
Building Chain Lair
Building Category Military
Building Set Landmark
Culture Greenskins
Subculture Savage Orc Tribes
Campaign Mortal Empires, The Eye of the Vortex