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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Shrine of Myrmidia

Shrines of Myrmidia can be found in most southern provinces. They are well ordered, martial places, as befits their deity.

Shrines to the Goddess of War and Strategy are well-tended places, usually set near a fountain. In Tilea and Estalia the fountain and the likeness of Myrmidia - a beautiful young woman in warrior's garb - are one and the same; the fountain spouts from the top of the head, with water following the contours of her cape as an metaphor for shaping the fortunes of war with good strategy.

Untainted: +6

Level 2 - Temple of Myrmidia

Myrmidia's temples are some of the grandest structures in the southern nations, reflecting how liked the goddess is.

Under the stern eye of Myrmidia's ruling council, known as the Archecclesiastium, the temples of the war goddess, patron of soldiers, are kept in stern, disciplined, order. Tithes are collected and passed to the council, who then furnish the better performing temples with the finances required to make their domes and porticos grander still.

Untainted: +9