ID: wh_main_HUMAN_TALABEC_worship

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Shrine of Taal

Taal's shrines are rustic abodes, small circular buildings with conical roofs, topped with the skull of a stag.

In the godly pantheon, Taal is the older brother of Ulric, so the worshippers of both traditionally get on well. The gods themselves do also, according to the Al-Ulric and Taal High Priest. It is for this reason that where there is a shrine to Ulric, it's a sure bet there will be an unassuming, round abode decorated with antlers and animal skulls close by.

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Warrior Priest
Untainted: +6

Level 2 - Temple of Taal

The greatest temple to Taal is found in Talabheim, the cratered city at the centre of the Empire.

Temples to Taal are much rarer than his ubiquitous but humble shrines. There are a few, the largest of which can be found in the city that bears his name, Talabheim. There are monasteries also, but no true worshipper of the nature god would build such a lavish pile. Having said that, they have been known to take over such places if they have fallen into disuse - the most infamous example being La Maisontaal in Bretonnia.

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Warrior Priest
Hero recruit rank: +2 for Warrior Priests
Untainted: +9