ID: wh_main_HUMAN_MIDDENHEIM_worship

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Shrine of Ulric

A shrine to Ulric, the God of Wolves, Winter and Battles and the patron of Middenland.

Ulric was Sigmar's God when the first Emperor still lived. This makes Ulric's cult a powerful force within the Empire, second only in prominence to the Cult of Sigmar itself. There are shrines to the Wolf Father across the whole Empire, although it is the northern provinces, those further away from Reikland, that see the greater propensity.

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Warrior Priest
Untainted: +6

Level 2 - Temple of Ulric

Normally found in northern towns and cities, the temples of Ulric answer to the great castle-shrine in Middenheim.

While the greatest temple lies at the top of the Ulricsberg, within Middenheim, there are many temples dedicated to the God of Wolves and Winter. These are mainly in northern Empire towns - Nordberg, Wolfenburg and Salzenmund, for example, although Nuln, a traditionally Sigmarite city, has a surprisingly large congregation.

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Warrior Priest
Hero recruit rank: +2 for Warrior Priests
Untainted: +9