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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Shrine of Ursen

The Father of Bears cares little for grand edifices, but in Kislev bear caves or standing stones are considered sacred.

Ursen and his followers shun the trappings of other religious organisations. However, in the Kislevite Tundra there are sacred places - standing stones in the Bear Father's honour, with at least one stone carved in his likeness. The caves of black bears are also considered sacred, for the Gospodars always considered such animals to be godly creatures - capturing the strength and power that every Kislev warrior craves.

Untainted: +6

Level 2 - Temple of Ursen

Shrines to Ursen are rare, but temples are even rarer, with only the sacred groves in the capital and Erengrad known.

The so-called temples of Ursen are more like urban forests - groves of tall trees surrounded by the streets of Erengrad and Kislev city. These are the two known groves of Ursen, but rumours persist that there are others whose locations are known only to those with Gospodar blood. In any case, the priests of Ursen only welcome worshippers in the Spring and Summer months, the groves otherwise being closed for the "long hibernation".

Untainted: +9

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