Wild Game

ID: wh_main_HUMAN_resource_furs

Building Chain

Wild Game

Building Levels

Level 1 - Hunting Camp

Empire Huntsmen are known for their skill with a bow. Camps are where they launch their forays into the forest.

The Empire has many accomplished archers in its ranks but none are more skilled than the Huntsmen. They typically hail from the more rural regions such as Ostland or Hochland and are extremely capable of hunting game birds, stags and even Jabberslythes in the dense forest of the Drakwald.

Growth: +5
Furs resource production: 20 bundles

Level 2 - Hunting Lodge

Lodges are located deep within the forested hunting grounds, where hunters gather and store their prey.

In areas where there is a good supply of game, hunting lodges are built as a useful base in which to store kills before they are taken back to civilisation. Lodges are rarely occupied on a constant basis, so when the season begins hunters have to make sure they are clear of other things that may have taken residence during the Winter months...

Growth: +8
Furs resource production: 30 bundles

Level 3 - Tannery

It is not just meat that has its uses, skins and furs do too - at the tannery.

A tannery takes the skins of animals and subjects them to a process called liming. This toughens and preserves the skin, turning it into leather. A tanner will also preserve pelts by using a salting, oiling and waxing process. The odours these processes create are vile, so tanneries are usually located downstream or in the poorest districts of a city.

Growth: +10
Furs resource production: 45 bundles