Wild Game

ID: wh2_main_skv_resource_furs

Building Chain

Wild Game

Building Levels

Level 1 - Hunting Camp

It is not just the meat that is used, animal skins and furs certainly have value also.

Income generated: 80
Furs resource production: 20 bundles
Untainted: +1

Level 2 - Hunting Lair

Hidden caves and tunnel alcoves allow access to the overground, where Skaven hunters can stalk their prey.

Income generated: 90
Furs resource production: 30 bundles
Untainted: +1

Level 3 - Tannery

If no-furs insist on wearing furs, then Skaven should wear furs too-too!

Income generated: 100
Furs resource production: 45 bundles
Untainted: +2