Weapon Teams

ID: wh2_main_skv_weaponteams

Building Chain

Weapon Teams

Building Levels

Level 1 - Weapons Dump

Weapons dumps are filled with the most primitive and simplistic designs – most commonly, the drill, which is used for almost any kind of underground work.

Income generated: 60
Skaven corruption: +1

Level 2 - Weapon Burrow

Weapon burrows, where combustible Skryre techno-weapons are stored, are not jealously guarded, because if incompetently handled, the user will quickly perish!

Income generated: 70
Skaven corruption: +1

Level 3 - Arsenal

For logistical reasons, Skaven clans have arsenals of their most successful and 'reliable' weaponry, kept secure with arcane locks.

Income generated: 80
Skaven corruption: +1