ID: wh_main_NORSCA_walls

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Bloody Bulwark

When attackers are foolish enough to challenge a Norscan enclave, these ramparts drip crimson, drenched in their blood.

The first and last line of defence for a Norscan enclave is always its ferocious warriors, but in many cases earthworks and parapets are used to improve the chances of deflecting attacks. Elevation of the soil means an uphill charge for assailants, and also obscures their view of whatever might be waiting for them over the ramparts – which is typically a lot of men with a lot of axes!

Melee defence: +4 when under siege
Leadership: +2 when under siege

Level 2 - Skull-Laden Embankment

The fleshless faces of the dead stare out in warning to all enemies of the tribe.

Skulls serve many functions for the fighting tribes of the north. Many Chieftains and Champions collect them as trophies, either adorning their own armour with the fleshless heads of their victims, or otherwise putting them on display in their plunder halls and treasure troves. The imagery of a man’s skull is also used decoratively by the Northmen to enhance the ferocious appearance of defensive fortifications. It’s not surprising that the tribes which enjoy the highest kill-counts in battle have the most skull-laden settlements of all.

Melee defence: +7 when under siege
Leadership: +4 when under siege

Level 3 - Wall of Carcasses

Nothing saps the courage out of an enemy like a massive wall of dead bodies.

One of many gory practices in Norscan settlements is the construction of walls and barriers out of the bodies of the dead. Some Chieftains will order that corpses be hauled back to the camps after battles and raids to be used for this very purpose, but more often it is a case that a Norscan settlement has deflected so many attacks successfully that there is a surplus of the dead available to use. Not only is it an incredibly demoralising sight for any potential assailants of the settlement, but because of the effect that the twisted energies of Chaos have on body decomposition, the mounds of the dead calcify over time to create extremely sturdy barricades.

Melee defence: +10 when under siege
Leadership: +6 when under siege