Troll Country

ID: wh_dlc08_NORSCA_erengrad_unique

Building Chain

Troll Country

Building Levels

Level 1 - Cave of the Rocky Throne

Deep within an icy labyrinth strewn with the gnawed corpses of once-mighty heroes, sits the Troll King’s rocky throne.

When Throgg, the Troll King travelled north to Winter Pyre in search of warriors to serve him in his despoilment of the world, the Kislevites discovered his throne within Troll Country. Once he has wrested back control of the region, he will be able to enter his icy halls once again. Then the world will feel the full wrath of the Lord of the Monstrous Horde, as his army destroys all in its path!

Recruitment cost: -20% for all Norscan Troll, Norscan Ice Troll & Fimir Warrior units
Recruit rank: +3 for Norscan Troll & Norscan Ice Troll units
Chaos corruption: +3