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ID: wh_main_GREENSKIN_workshop

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Goblin Toolbox

The smartest gobbos can be right tools, in more ways than one!

While most gobbos - wisely - don’t like to let on to their larger cousins that they are in fact a great deal brighter than their Orc overseers, there are a few that like to tinker with stuff. These Goblin "engineers" rarely receive the same respect their peers get and eke out a living on commandeered benches, out of the way of passing Orcs who can’t resist punching the "speccy gits".

Research rate: +2%

Level 2 - Goblin Tinkerer Bench

A few Goblins have a base understanding of concepts such as physics - much to the disgust of their fellow Greenskins!

If a Goblin can prove to his Boss that his war machines work, the Orc may realise it is wise to keep him around - although a few hard cuffs around the ‘ead should be administered so he knows who he still works for. With an understanding reached, the Goblin may be given a work space and even a few "assistants" to get on with the next project. This inevitably means trying to figure out how to get Goblins to fly, as there never seems to be a shortage of gobbos who wish to do so.

Research rate: +3%

Level 3 - Goblin Workshop

By making deadly war machines Goblins can grudgingly get the resources they need to make even "betta stuff".

Research rate: +5%