Territory Marker

ID: wh_main_GREENSKIN_farm

Building Chain

Territory Marker

Building Levels

Level 1 - Idolz

Greenskins love their gods, so will quickly carve effigies of Gork and Mork out of stone or other materials when they settle.

The idolz are a constant reminder that Gork's gaze or Mork's feet are ever-present. Orcs will come and head-butt the idolz in respect; Goblins tend to throw mutilated limbs of former mates or enemies at them for the same reasons; Shamans will dance round them uttering nonsense - nonsense that the gods seem to like nevertheless!

Casualty replenishment rate: +2%
Growth: +20

Level 2 - Totem Pole

A totem pole rises above the shacks and tents of the Greenskin settlement as a sign of its success.

Like the idolz, totems are important to the Greenskins' worship. The faces that make up the pole are not just the gods, but the settlement's Boss and the foes he has vanquished.

Casualty replenishment rate: +3%
Growth: +30

Level 3 - Boss Pole

A boss pole is a material reminder of how powerful a Warboss has become. It's a mark of great power.

Choppas, blades and the skulls of vanquished foes are placed at the base of the Boss' pole to become part of the tribute. Jealous Orcs caught tampering' with the Boss' pole suffer terrible punishments - their skulls soon joining the others!

Casualty replenishment rate: +4%
Growth: +40