Territory Marker

ID: wh_main_horde_SAVAGEORC_farm

Building Chain

Territory Marker

Building Levels

Level 1 - Tribal Markers

Greenskins love their gods, so will quickly carve effigies of Gork and Mork out of stone or other materials when they settle.

When not fightin’, Orcs are eatin’ or drinkin’ - probably both. Hunting fieldz are areas not far from the camp that contain plenty of "game" for when Wolf Riders or Orc Huntin’ Parties want to get some grub. What qualifies as game is an interesting point - birds and four-legged creatures count, but so do stragglers, lone travellers and even members from the same hunting group, should they get separated!

Casualty replenishment rate: +2%
Horde growth: +2

Level 2 - Totem Pole

A totem pole rises above the shacks and tents of the Greenskin settlement as a sign of its success.

The cookin’ groundz are places, dominated by large bonfires, that burn throughout the day sending acrid smoke all about, along with the harsh smell of burnt offal. Spits and stew pots crisscross the fires, containing all manner of joints - from whole boars to the odd Goblin leg slowly rotating in the flames and fungus stews rapidly boiling on the coals.

Casualty replenishment rate: +3%
Horde growth: +3

Level 3 - Boss Pole

A boss pole is a material reminder of how powerful a Warboss has become. It's a mark of great power.

Squig Penz keep these fungal-animal hybrids caged in one place for the safety of the camp. The Squigs' natural habitats are deep, dank caverns and pitch-black caves. It's up to the Squig Herders to hunt these spheroid creatures, which is no easy task as they are fast, powerful and perfectly designed for tunnel fighting; the Squig is able to back into a hole and present nothing but great slashing teeth to its attacker!

Casualty replenishment rate: +4%
Horde growth: +4