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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Stables

Stabling yards are where the young nobles train with their steeds, leaning to shoot from the saddle.

The Imperial stables are more than just a place to house horses. They are also great yards where destriers are matched with young nobles and trained, until the rider can shoot his pistols from the saddle with a degree of competency.

Level 2 - Livery

Liveries are more than mere stables – they are where the proud warhorses of the Empire’s Knights are kept.

The grand liveries attached to the chapter houses of the Knightly Orders house the great warhorses that the Knights ride upon. They are more akin to temples than stables, as a Knight honours his mount nearly as much as his god - for he needs both when charging into battle.

Level 3 - Menagerie

A place to hold the many dangerous and exotic beasts that would otherwise dwell in the wilderness.

The zoos and menageries of the Empire are rare institutions. Only the largest and prosperous of cities have them, the most famous example being the Imperial Zoo in Altdorf - home to a Dragon, many Pegasi and, of course, Deathclaw – the personal mount of Karl Franz.