Special Port

ID: wh_main_special_erengrad_port

Building Chain

Special Port

Building Levels

Level 1 - Ruined Erengrad Harbour

This once-bustling port lies in ruins. Nothing remains but destruction, ashes and the sorrowful taste of defeat.

There are many ruins within the Old World and beyond. Even in the Empire - the heart of civilisation - there are strange, ruined cities, their original inhabitants lost to time. In the Badlands lies Morgheim, once known as Mourkain, the capital of the Strygos Empire and now an infamous ruin. Of course, even further south, are the sand-scoured Tomb Cities of Khemri...

Level 2 - Erengrad Docks

There are many docks in Erengrad - the 'Doorway to Kislev' - goods arrive here from Bretonnia, Marienburg and even Norsca.

Erengrad's docks are many and dangerous for those that do not belong in the Stevedore's Guild or Gospodar blood. Its workers are mainly of Bretonnian peasant stock for there is a large Bretonnian quarter in the city. These workers have not always got on with the biting winters of Kislev and so have risen up in anger rather than freeze in their hovels, riots that have always been brutality put down by Kossar Militia.

Income generated: 500
Growth: +10

Level 3 - Erengrad Harbour

Known simply as "the harbour", Erengrad is one of the largest ports, despite being under the control of its infamous Guilds.

Erengrad is divided into three main areas, the high city, the low city and the harbour. The harbour is massive, spanning countless docks, wharfs and quays, and all of it in the Guilds' iron grip. The boyars used to control sea traffic, ensuring that correct taxes and bribes were collected, but all that changed following the Chaos Invasion. When the city was rebuilt, the Guild families ensured they had dominance.

Income generated: 1000
Additional tradable resources produced: +5%
Growth: +20

Level 4 - Erengrad Port

The port encompasses the harbour and docks, from the bay to the mouth of the Lynsk.

Erengrad's port is the busiest in the known world, even more bustling than Marienburg, although the flamboyant merchant princes of that city would flatly deny it. The port has suffered over the years, from the corruption of the boyars, the Chaos invasion and the Guilds, whose workers are prone to strike or simply riot. Fortunately, the Ice Queen is famously intolerant of shirkers, so there is a limit to the Guilds' supposed power...

Income generated: 2000
Additional tradable resources produced: +10%
Growth: +30

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