Special Forges

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Building Chain

Special Forges

Building Levels

Level 1 - Nuln Cannon Foundry

The foundry districts of Nuln are full of choking soot, as the forges burn night and day churning out Imperial artillery.

Nuln is the bastion of the south. It was once home to the court of the Emperor and today it remains Altdorf's largest rival, both politically and economically. Whole districts are constantly smothered in "Nuln smog" due to the foundries, which operate day and night to meet demand for the artillery trains that are now so crucial to the Empire's defence.

Recruit rank: +2 for artillery units
Upkeep: -5% for artillery units

Level 2 - Nuln Gunnery School

The Gunnery School is a centre of excellence, where the nation's greatest artillerymen are trained and cannons forged.

Nuln is famed for being the home of the Imperial Gunnery School, a sprawling network of forges and smelteries where veteran gunsmiths manufacture and maintain the Imperial artillery trains. Now, they even maintain Altdorf's own engineering treasures - the remaining steam tanks - which is quite a coup! Many nobles send their artillerymen to the Imperial Gunnery School to learn the art of ballistics and crews trained in the smog-shrouded city are highly valued.

Recruit rank: +4 for artillery units
Recruitment cost: -15% for artillery units
Upkeep: -10% for artillery units