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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Smithy

Smiths are usually thralls, stolen from the south and kept alive for their skills, with access to a very basic smithy.

A smithy is a crude workshop and forge, usually constructed by a smith from outside the tribe, a slave taken from the southlands and only kept alive due to his useful skills. In the most basic of surroundings, he is forced to beat and shape armour fragments and shoe the Marauders' vicious steeds.

Level 2 - Ruinous Kiln

Higher forge temperatures offer more than just bigger and harder axes, but also useful things like beast-barding and chariot modifications.

The addition of a brick kiln to a smithy’s workshop can have major effects for the Norscan warband it belongs to. As the group grows, so too does its requirement for better and more plentiful weapons and armour. Providing a purpose-built kiln means higher temperatures can be achieved for metallurgy and roasting iron ores, enabling the manufacture of more advanced contraptions of war. This includes things like beast armour and components for chariots that make them faster and more able to inflict maximum damage.

Recruit rank: +1 for all units

Level 3 - Dark Furnace

“Don’t get too close – it burns with the hellish heat of the instability between worlds!”

The magical embers found in the perpetually-aflame pyres of the Chaos Wastes burn hotter and for much longer than any fuel in the realms of Norsca or anywhere further south. This makes them extremely useful for use in a smithy’s workshop furnace, as a fire that burns hotter for longer can create much harder weapons and armour. Obtaining the embers is not easy, however, since transporting them can be complicated, and not to mention that very few individuals actually enter the Chaos Wastes and return to tell the tale.

Recruit rank: +2 for all units