ID: wh_main_EMPIRE_smiths

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Blacksmith

Many places have a local smith – skilled at shaping metal but usually good at cracking troublesome skulls with his hammer as well!

Blacksmiths in the provinces – and, indeed, the Old World – fashion more than just horseshoes. Arms, armour, talismans, swords and countless other blades are hammered and shaped under a blacksmith’s hammer - for the industry of the Empire is war.

Local recruitment capacity: +1

Level 2 - Armoury

Armouries are massive storehouses brimming with weapons of war to outfit the regiments of state troops.

For a nation constantly involved in one war or another, having a ready supply of weaponry is crucial, and armouries are such places. Often attached to garrisons, barracks and chapter houses, they contain racks upon racks of halberds, swords, lances and myriad other arms, as well as a forge and wet stones to keep the weapons in good condition.

Recruit rank: +1 for infantry units
Global recruitment capacity: +1
Local recruitment capacity: +1