Slayer Cult

ID: wh_main_DWARFS_slayers

Building Chain

Slayer Cult

Building Levels

Level 1 - Slayer Shrine

Members of the Slayer Cult worship at the nearest shrine, when not seeking death.

Dwarfs do not cope well with failure or personal tragedy. If such a fate befalls them, then there is every chance they will shave their heads, take their Ancestor’s axe and join the Slayer Cult. Every Hold has a Slayer Shrine, where these forsaken Dwarfs look to Grimnir for aid in their next doom-seeking quest.

Untainted: +4

Level 2 - Monument of Grimnir

Larger Holds have greater shrines dedicated to the Ancestor Gods; Grimnir is the warrior god and patron of Slayers.

Karak Kadrin is the great Hold of Ungrim Ironfist, the Slayer King. Ever since the days of King Baragor, it has been the location of the greatest Slayer Shrine, a massive monument to Grimnir which thousands of Slayers flock to every year. However, whilst Kadrin is undoubtedly the most important, many Holds have large Slayer populations.

Recruit rank: +2 for Slayer units
Untainted: +8