ID: wh_main_NORSCA_slaves

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Fur Stash

Mutant pelts, with their unique textures and qualities, do not come cheap due to being highly difficult to obtain.

Income generated: 200
Income from raiding: +2%

Level 2 - Beast Tanner

Treating and colouring beast-skins requires the use of lethal concoctions, a hazardous task best left to the thralls.

Income generated: 300
Income from raiding: +5%
Income from sacking settlements: +2%

Level 3 - Slaver's Camp

A living, breathing slave is much more valuable than the soulless vehicle of rotting flesh left after he dies.

The most wretched existence for any Old Worlder is life as a Norscan slave. Each raid along the coasts of the Empire and Bretonnia results in more and more people captured and brought back for a fate some consider to be worse than death. In many cases, death is not far away for the slaves anyway – sacrifice by disembowelment is common practice before any Norscan raid or battle. Still, some thralls have value and drive what little economy Norsca has. Any slaves observed to be adept at beast tanning or metalwork, for example, live the short remainder of their able-bodied lives doing hard labour.

Income generated: 400
Income from raiding: +10%
Income from sacking settlements: +5%