Savage Orc Recruitment

ID: wh_main_SAVAGEORC_military

Building Chain

Savage Orc Recruitment

Building Levels

Level 1 - Musta Fieldz

The boyz need big open spaces to swing their choppas about.

Musta fieldz are usually any area that the Boss likes to gather his boyz for a good shoutin’. When the brawlin’ is done, the lads might get round to some choppa practice or some stabbin’ if the Gobbos are havin’ a go. Inevitably, "practice" will turn into something more brutal and deadly when one of the boyz "accidentally" connects with another.

Level 2 - Brawlin' Groundz

A large area set aside for the belligerent gits to slap each other about.

Be it an empty underground hall that Stunties used to store their gold in or a large space marked by Idols on the plains, the brawlin’ groundz are an important area only the most inconsiderate of Bosses would shun. This is where Orcs gather in large numbers for a fight and to improve their "swagga".

Level 3 - Fightin' Pit

This is where Big ‘Uns are forged and many teef lost to gambling.

The fightin’ pits are for Orcs to "'ave it out wiv each ovver". The strongest, toughest and most scarred Orcs (and the occasional Goblin drunk on mushroom brew) go into the pit for a serious fight against a ferocious opponent, with only one coming back out. On occasion the Boss himself has jumped into the pit after being challenged. The challenger usually only emerging as a disembodied head to be stuck on the Boss pole.