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Savage Orc Camp

ID: wh_main_special_savage_orc_camp

Building Chain

Savage Orc Camp

Building Levels

Level 1 - Savage Orc Gathering

Savage Orcs are nomadic, but there are certain areas, deep in the Badlands, where they gather.

Savage Orcs are even more nomadic than their more sophisticated kin. However, there are crude migratory routes that all tribes follow, navigated by way-points such as strange standing stones, familiar hillocks or weather-beaten idols.

Level 2 - Savage Orc Camp

A Savage Orc camp is an even more disorganised rabble of tents than a traditional Orc settlement.

Savage Orc camps happen when the bestial primitives decide to settle for a while. Their camps consist of large fires - around which Savage Orc Shamans ponce in skull hats and cloaks of matted fur - and a few shelters made from animal hides with bone supports. Orcs from rival tribes enter at their own risk, as they may soon find themselves in the cookin’ pot!

Level 3 - Savage Orc Host

Savage Orcs can Waaagh! just like any Greenskin, giving thanks to Gork or Mork before charging off.

Great Gatherin’s happen by chance and circumstance rather than any kind of organisation. Having said that, Savage Orc Shamans always seem to know when and where the host is happening - guided there by Gork or so they claim. Gathering here as a large host, perhaps around a well-known landmark, before heading off into the fray.