ID: wh_main_VAMPIRES_resource_salt

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Brackish Pond

Stagnant ponds can be found by their disgusting reek, the brackish water full of brine and other things…

Brackish water, no doubt contaminated by Warpstone, forms in rivers and streams and in stagnant bodies throughout Sylvania. On top float skulls, dead rats and other foul things that would make it an interesting aside for any of Nurgle's followers. Underneath the surface, live the things of nightmares.

Income generated: 100
Salt resource production: 16 barrels

Level 2 - Salt Marsh

The only thing that rises from the crumbling salt marshes of Sylvania are bony hands reaching toward the sky.

Salt is a commodity that has value outside the realm of Sylvania, where people use it to season their food. Vampires sell it to mortals through various factors and underhand merchants. The smallfolk are sent onto the marshes to harvest the salt, but hazards abound - clutching hands in the ground and Tomb Banshees that patrol the desolate marshes in a mournful stupor.

Income generated: 150
Salt resource production: 24 barrels

Level 3 - Desolate Salt Pans

Deep in the dead marches are salt pans, containing piles and piles of bones, bleached and scoured white.

The dead marches are home to many of the salt marshes in Sylvania's bounds. In their centre lies the salt pans, covered in a field of bleached bones. For living things to get to the salt pans is all but impossible; Zombies make the taxing journey on their masters' behalf - the irony being that it is likely they were once the original salt collectors!

Income generated: 200
Salt resource production: 32 barrels