ID: wh_main_VAMPIRES_repression

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Gibbet

A common sight across Sylvania and beyond, the gibbet - or hanging cage - is where the living who displease their Undead lords often end up.

Gibbet cages can be found throughout Sylvania - indeed, much of the Old World uses this gruesome punishment for thieves, bandits and other criminals, and as a warning to others who might contemplate such malfeasance. In Sylvania, living is a crime and those that, having displeased the Vampire Counts, aren’t instantly torn to shreds or consumed may end up in a cage, on display as a stark warning, but also as a way of leeching lifeforce from the condemned. Their energy slowly drips away even as Zombies and carrion birds gather to nibble at the remains through the rusted iron bars.

Income generated: 100
(tr:public_order_effect): +1

Level 2 - Gallows

Another common sight in the Unliving realms are gallows - although hanged corpses rarely stay dead and can often be seen struggling to untie their nooses.

Should brigands, Witch Hunters or the living tenants of Sylvania dare to rise against the Midnight Aristocracy, then those not fed to the Crypt Ghouls or given over to the Necromancers may well be sent to the gallows. Such grisly structures are often seen in Sylvania’s villages and decrepit townships, a sure sign of the Undead nobility’s hold over the area and of just how far the peasantry cursed to live in the area are from Sigmar’s light. Those sent to the gallows - a punishment for even the most minor of infractions - are escorted by hooded and gruesome executioners - who knows if they are living or dead servants of the von Carsteins? As sentences are carried out, and the living do their macabre jigs upon the rope, the Wind of Shyish blows ever stronger.

Income generated: 200
(tr:public_order_effect): +3