ID: wh_dlc03_horde_beastmen_razorgors

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Makeshift Sty

The tribe's Razorgors are kept in rough, makeshift sties that cannot hold them should they show their teeth.

Sties constructed by Ungors are rarely strong enough to contain an angry Razorgor. Beastlords and the Razorgor keepers have learnt that the best way to contain such creatures is to make sure they are fully sated before being led into the sty. Then - hopefully - the many-tusked, porcine beast will sleep and wallow in the muddy gore of the sty floor until needed by the tribe.

Level 2 - Scavenged Lumber Pile

Early following the establishment of a camp, Ungors are sent scurrying away to find wood for fires and other uses.

Wood is a constant requirement for the Beastmen, they use it in myriad ways where it is to create rudimentary pends and shelters or for fuelling pyres and even in weapon manufacture. Being creatures of the woods they are never far from it, although they tend to scavenge and pile it up rather than farm it like man-filth, for that would be far to much like the civil ways or Gors are born to destroy.

Upkeep: -5% for Razorgor Herd units