Pottery Production

ID: wh_main_VAMPIRES_resource_pottery

Building Chain

Pottery Production

Building Levels

Level 1 - Flooded Clay Pit

Beneath the blood-clotted streams and rank sewage are pits of dense, dark clay.

Found close to the salt marshes, and in the stinking bogs that clog up the streams feeding into the River Aver and the River Stir, are clay pits. This dense clay, when mixed with ground bone, can create a surprisingly good base material for potters, urn makers and such like.

Income generated: 100
Pottery resource production: 16 kilnful

Level 2 - Urn Maker's Pottery

Using the raw clay compound, urn makers create opulent vessels to carry the ashes of powerful beings.

Urns of Sylvania are powerful artefacts in their own right, made and decorated by adding baroque and gothic trappings. Once fired in the screeching kilns, they are enchanted to hold the remains of powerful beings, Vampire Lords, Ghoul Kings and even the spiritual essence of ancient warriors. Such urns can find themselves at the centre of Mortis Engines, such is their arcane might.

Income generated: 150
Pottery resource production: 24 kilnful

Level 3 - Screeching Kilns

Perhaps there is some spirit trapped within, burning in abject agony every time the kilns are lit?

Screeching kilns can only be found in the potteries of Sylvania. Why they screech is a bit of mystery - perhaps the ground bones' owners are freed by the heat? Maybe there are Tomb Banshees trapped inside or some other restless spirit burning as punishment? Such a thing is not beyond the dark imaginings of Mannfred von Carstein!

Income generated: 200
Pottery resource production: 32 kilnful