Pottery Production

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Building Chain

Pottery Production

Building Levels

Level 1 - Clay Pit

Unsurprisingly, clay pits hold vast amounts of clay, a malleable material that hardens when baked.

Pots, pans, cups, utensils and many other things are usually made from wood or clay, the raw material of which is garnered from ground. The clay-laden earth around northern Stirland and along the Sylvanian border provides the Empire with much of its supply, but this very much depends on whether the Undead are active there.

Income generated: 100
Pottery resource production: 20 kilnful

Level 2 - Pottery Maker

A potter is a craftsman who fashions clay into pottery and other ceramics, from fine crockery to the most basic of bowls.

A potter works, often obsessively, in creating all manner of earthenware on his wheel. Pottery workshops are crammed with it, including merchandise that has been baked and is ready for sale, alongside items that are still wet and waiting to be taken to the local kiln for firing.

Income generated: 150
Pottery resource production: 30 kilnful

Level 3 - Kilns

Kilns are large ovens mostly used by local potters, who bring their merchandise to be baked prior to sale.

While the primary use of kilns - large brick ovens with funnelling chimneys - is to harden the clay creations of potters, the Witch Hunters have also made use of them in the past. The Order of the Silver Hammer is one for economy, so when persecuting a witch why build a burning pyre when the local kiln will do just as well?

Income generated: 200
Pottery resource production: 45 kilnful