ID: wh2_main_lzd_port

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Ruined Docks

This city lies in ruins. Nothing remains but destruction, ashes and the sorrowful taste of defeat.

Level 2 - Pliodon Landing

Pliodons are large, river-going creatures that seldom move on to land. They are used by the Lizardmen to ferry cohorts across bodies of water.

Income generated: 150
Growth: +10

Level 3 - Ancient Harbour

Natural harbours fashioned long ago by the Old Ones themselves, and now used by their servants.

Income generated: 300
Growth: +20

Level 4 - Temple-Port

Temple-cities close to the coast or major rivers will have designated port districts, where sea-going vessels of the Lizardmen make anchor.

Income generated: 600
Growth: +30