ID: wh_main_GREENSKIN_port

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Ruined Docks

This once-bustling port lies in ruins. Nothing remains but destruction, ashes and the sorrowful taste of defeat.

Level 2 - Greenskin Wharf

Wharfs are platforms jutting out of the water, allowing ships to be boarded easily.

While Dwarfs carve quays out of solid rock, the Orcs and Norse have little more than wooden planks that jut into the sea. Empire wharfs - including those in Sylvania - are generally much sturdier. Since much of their trade comes down the large rivers they need reliable platforms of timber and stone to enable their ships to dock.

Income generated: 200
Growth: +10

Level 3 - Greenskin Docks

Whether man-made or natural, a harbour is a place for vessels to wait out Stromfels' rage.

There are many harbours in the Old World, as the nations oft use the large flowing rivers to transport goods from one place to another. Even the Empire's great inland cities have some kind of harbour for massive river barges to dock. The most famous of all harbours, perhaps, is in Barak Varr, the sea-gate of the Karaz Ankor.

Income generated: 400
Growth: +20

Level 4 - Greenskin Shipyard

Large port-cities are strategically key during wartime, for they are home to its great fleets, both military or mercantile.

Erengrad, Marienburg, Altdorf, Barak Varr, even the Orc pirate forts that riddle the coast by the Dragonback mountains are all built around or contain a series of ports. These are normally places that attract wealth, as they are great trading stations in those rare moments when there is a lull in the eternal war and also home to the fleet when it returns.

Income generated: 800
Growth: +30