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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Cursed Fields

The low-born of Sylvania that have heartbeats must still make a living. Most do in the cursed fields, tending to withering crops.

The parts of Sylvania not covered by blackened moors or twisted forests have fields of withering crops. Nothing good can grow in Sylvania, yet the smallfolk must make a living as well as eat. They tend the cursed fields, growing stunted crops of pathetic yields and bare grazing for the skinny cattle to feed on.

Income generated: 100
(tr:public_order_effect): +3

Level 2 - Wretched Farmstead

Sylvanian peasants tend to wretched farms, continuing the pretence that the realm's nobles are kind and generous lords.

The peasants have known for years that their landlords are Undead monsters, but to acknowledge it is to bring down ruination. As such, they continue to live under a pall of servitude and darkness, never being rich enough to move away. They collect what harvests they can, always knowing a von Carstein or his minions may summon them to the castle at any time.

Income generated: 150
(tr:public_order_effect): +4

Level 3 - Haunted Mill

At night, the mill by the blood-clotted streams begins to turn, mixing grains with grinded bone.

The black bread of Sylvania is an acquired taste. Its loaves are black and lumpen; the flour coming from the haunted mills, whose weed-swaddled water wheels turn at night to produce a course meal of grain and ground bone. The bread tastes abominably sour. Nevertheless, the loaves are sold and consumed by the hungry populace.

Income generated: 200
(tr:public_order_effect): +5