ID: wh_main_HUMAN_resource_wine

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Orchards

Smaller vineyards can be nothing more than a farm with a few rows of grapes, with a yield hardly worth taxing.

The art of winemaking was gifted to man from the Elves. While the swill created by tiny producers is lacking in flavour, it nevertheless finds customers - usually being bought and watered down by unscrupulous landlords in the Empire's more disreputable establishments.

(tr:public_order_effect): +3
Wine resource production: 20 barrels

Level 2 - Vineyard

The Empire’s southern provinces have a modest wine industry, but nothing compared to Bretonnia's vineyards.

The Elves are the true masters of winemaking, yet there are a few human nations that have established vineyards with long-standing reputations. However, just as the Dwarfs think the ale of men weak and flavourless, so do the Elves consider even the most expensive Bretonnian wine insipid and characterless.

(tr:public_order_effect): +4
Wine resource production: 30 barrels

Level 3 - Vintner

The great winemakers hail from Bretonnia, although the states of Tilea and the southern Empire have a few as well.

Wine is sold throughout the human realms, but won’t be touched by Dwarfs who despise the whole concept. Unsurprisingly, Elves think the human version inferior to their own blends too, yet there is a large profit to be made in rarer vintages when, despite the wars and unpredictable weather, the grapes grew to perfection.

(tr:public_order_effect): +5
Wine resource production: 45 barrels