Obsidian Quarry

ID: wh_main_NORSCA_resource_obsidian

Building Chain

Obsidian Quarry

Building Levels

Level 1 - Obsidian Quarry

Obsidian is highly desirable for Norscan weapon-making, being much harder than other materials but more malleable in the forge.

In Norsca, obsidian is one of the most prized materials for use in armour-making. Although few Marauders are lucky enough to have it, it is thought that many Chaos Champions wear such armour for its bulky, sinister appearance, striking fear into the hearts of individuals who face them. Obsidian is almost always used in full suits of armour due to its bulky nature, which may cause the user a disadvantage if they do not have the strength to bear such a suit. This potential disadvantage makes obsidian impractical to use without that essential intimidation factor.

Construction cost: -5% for all buildings
Income generated: 50
Carved Obsidian resource production: 32 chests