Obsidian Quarry

ID: wh2_main_emp_resource_obsidian

Building Chain

Obsidian Quarry

Building Levels

Level 1 - Obsidian Quarry

Volcanic ore is quite rare, and a precious resource for most due to the way it can interact with certain magic lores.

Income generated: 100
Carved Obsidian resource production: 20 chests

Level 2 - Obsidian Trinket Maker

Items, such as talismans, made from obsidian often hold arcane power, and so those skilled in its manufacture are widely sought.

Income generated: 150
Carved Obsidian resource production: 30 chests

Level 3 - Obsidian Amulet Carver

To be skilled at carving obsidian is to be skilled in sigils and symbols of power, for obsidian soaks in the ensorcelled.

Income generated: 200
Carved Obsidian resource production: 45 chests