ID: wh_dlc03_horde_beastmen_minotaurs

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Fire Pit

Minotaurs crave man-flesh the most. At the fire pits, manling meat sizzles on crude spits, drawing the tribes.

Minotaurs are possessed of a terrible hunger for flesh, especially that of men. This is the blessing given to the bull-headed beasts by the Chaos Gods. Such flesh is readily devoured on the battlefield - cold, raw and dripping in blood, sending Minotaurs into a frenzy. However, should a prisoner of battle or raids be taken, then their fate will most likely be in the fire pit, their flesh cooked, the smell of which drawing Minotaurs from afar.

Level 2 - Meat Larder

When prey is not plentiful, the meat larder is used, assuming its putrefying contents have not already rotted away…

Minotaur's are gluttons and would feast on any food within reach. But the guiding horns of Bray-shamans have taught the herds to store flesh, for there are days of famine as well as feasting, when prey is scarce. In these times the larder can be used and the putrefying meat within thrown into the fire pit and fought over by the fiercest and hungriest.

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Gorebull
Upkeep: -5% for Minotaur units

Level 3 - Raging Pyre

To let the raging pyre lessen or extinguish is to proffer insults to the Dark Gods.

A raging pyre burns at the heart of the most prominent Beastmen encampments. The dancing, intense crimson flames are said to particularly ensnare Minotaur's, who are drawn to red for it represents blood. They see a mighty fire as representing the Blood God's will; the fire's strength and heat is the rage of them and their god made manifest.

Hero capacity: +1 for Gorebulls
(Hidden Effect) Enables Hero recruitment
Upkeep: -10% for Minotaur units