Minor Settlement

ID: wh_main_VAMPIRES_settlement_minor_coast

Building Chain

Minor Settlement

Building Levels

Level 1 - Ruined Village

This city lies in ruins. Nothing remains but destruction, ashes and the sorrowful taste of defeat.

Level 2 - Crumbling Hamlet

The scattered hamlets of Sylvania are even more isolated, parochial and pathetic than those of the Empire.

Grants 1 construction slot in the settlement
Income generated: 160
Growth: +10
Vampiric corruption: +1

Level 3 - Corrupted Village

The peasantry live in small communities of inter-related families, and never venture far from their hovels.

Grants 2 construction slots in the settlement
Income generated: 240
Growth: +20
Vampiric corruption: +1

Level 4 - Shady Township

Townships are little more than larger villages, usually within sight of a grand castle - its shadow looming over the terrified denizens.

(Hidden Effect) Enables abilities for Heroes in garrisons
Grants 3 construction slots in the settlement
Income generated: 320
Growth: +30
Vampiric corruption: +1