Marble Quarry

ID: wh_main_VAMPIRES_resource_marble

Building Chain

Marble Quarry

Building Levels

Level 1 - Brimstone Cutter's Workshop

The dread castles of Sylvania are made from stone shaped by stone cutters, under von Carstein's thrall.

The workshops of Sylvanian stone cutters - often known locally as Brimstone Cutters, for they build the lairs of fiends - are full of large cutting blades and grinding machines. Such contraptions are taken or bought from itinerant imperial engineers who have more interest in seeing their contrivance working over who actually ends up owning them and for what ends.

Income generated: 100
Marble resource production: 16 slabs

Level 2 - Tombstone Maker's Atelier

There is an art to creating a memorable tombstone or grand mausoleum.

Tombstone makers are never short of work. Peasants can rarely afford such ostentatious graves, and are lucky to receive any kind of burial marking except maybe a small hammer or comet marker if they are lucky. It is the von Carsteins and their ilk who contract the tombstone makers and demand grand edifices and mausoleums for their private vaults.

Income generated: 150
Marble resource production: 24 slabs

Level 3 - Gargoyle Sculptor's Garret

Some gargoyles are fashioned by sculptors - others just appear, as if they flew there themselves.

In the poor, dingy townships there are garrets where sculptors make their living, fashioning stone into grim and gregarious creatures. There are far more gargoyles perching on the gothic walls, gatehouses and ramparts than could conceivably be fashioned by all the craftsmen in the Empire. Where do they come from? Only the Vampire Counts truly know.

Income generated: 200
Marble resource production: 32 slabs