Marble Quarry

ID: wh_main_HUMAN_resource_marble

Building Chain

Marble Quarry

Building Levels

Level 1 - Stone Cutter

A stone cutter fashions large hunks of stone, for ease of transport and in preparation for construction.

Quarries are used to mine stone and marble in particular, as it is the most sought-after kind in all the Old World. In each of the regions in which it is found the stone has different patinations – a greyish blue near the Grey Mountains, while marble from foothills of Wurtbad it has a distinctive green line running through it.

Income generated: 100
Marble resource production: 20 slabs

Level 2 - Marble Quarry

Marble is used in opulent residences and grand halls. Where large deposits are discovered, a quarry is constructed to get at it!

Once marble has been quarried, it is cut into manageable blocks by stone cutters. The Witch Hunters have kept an eye on the Stone Cutters' Guild ever since Carlos Marezus, a skilled Estalian marblesmith, was discovered to have placed hidden carvings of ruinous marks on the stones he sold.

Income generated: 150
Marble resource production: 30 slabs

Level 3 - Mason

A mason is more than a mere stone cutter, he adds craft to the role and is able to form grand shapes from his chosen material.

Masons are highly sought-after, skilled craftsmen who chisel stone into wondrous creations. The Old World is full of grand edifices with mighty stone pillars or friezes of outstanding merit, often depicting holy symbols or the Gods themselves. All are created by master masons.

Income generated: 200
Marble resource production: 45 slabs