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Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Sparring Fields

For a Marauder, a drawn weapon must taste blood, unless he is sparring with younger tribesmen to ready them for combat.

Amidst the ice, away from the encampment, a crude fighting ring will be established where members of the tribe can test their mettle against each other. Though primarily a way to hone their fighting skills, bloodshed is never far from a Norseman's mind and many such fights have quickly turned from practice to lethal bouts.

Level 2 - Raiders' Camp

The Chieftain's chosen Warriors and Huscarls sit apart from the rest of the tribe in their own camp, as befits their status.

If a tribe grows large enough in power and populace then the Marauder Chieftain's personal retinue of raiders, who accompany him on his longship and in battle, will be set apart from the rest of the tribe. Their status guarantees them the best of the plunder and their own camp area, often near the prized Warhound kennels. These warriors are said to be closest to the Chaos Gods and the most likely to receive their gifts.

Level 3 - Chieftain's Hall

Often formed from the upturned hulls of old longships, a hall is where a Chieftain will feast and receive visitors.

Only permanent Norse settlements have a meeting hall. When camped, the Chieftain has the biggest tent, so in villages he uses the largest building as his base. Halls are usually made from upturned longship hulls, specially-built great round huts or built into caves, always at the foot of some unholy monument used to summon monsters to their cause.