Major Settlement

ID: wh_main_special_settlement_eight_peaks_savage

Building Chain

Major Settlement

Building Levels

Level 1 - Ruined Karak Eight Peaks

Another ruined Karak now lies dormant, a vestige of some upstart's attempt to dominate Dwarf lands.

Level 2 - Karak Eight Peaks (Savage Orc Gathering)

Savage Orcs are nomadic, but there are certain areas, deep in the Badlands, where they gather.

Income from all buildings: +5%

Level 3 - Karak Eight Peaks (Savage Orc Camp)

A Savage Orc camp is an even more disorganised rabble of tents than a traditional Orc settlement.

Income from all buildings: +10%

Level 4 - Karak Eight Peaks (Savage Orc Host)

Savage Orcs can Waaagh! just like any Greenskin, giving thanks to Gork or Mork before charging off.

Income from all buildings: +15%