ID: wh2_main_special_hag_graef_mines

Building Chain


Building Levels

Level 1 - Face of Hag Graef

Far, far below Hag Graef, slaves toil in darkness for their masters' wealth.

Income generated: 360
Iron resource production: 28 ingots
Marble resource production: 28 slabs

Level 2 - Eye of Hag Graef

The precious minerals, so desired by the Druchii, are prized from the rock by bloodied, blackened hands.

Income generated: 530
Iron resource production: 42 ingots
Marble resource production: 42 slabs

Level 3 - Mines of Hag Graef

The mines stretch on, seemingly endless, with every shaft and seam another hazardous tunnel of possibility.

Income generated: 800
Iron resource production: 64 ingots
Marble resource production: 64 slabs

Level 4 - The Dark Crag

Nowhere in Naggaroth is less safe. One could lose much and more along the treacherous crags.

Income generated: 1200
Iron resource production: 96 ingots
Marble resource production: 96 slabs

Faction Availability

Wood Elves




High Elves