Iron Mining

ID: wh2_main_skv_resource_iron

Building Chain

Iron Mining

Building Levels

Level 1 - Iron Mining Pit

Iron ore is a necessity in a world that craves weapons and armour. Smaller mines usually comprise a single shaft.

Income generated: 80
Iron resource production: 20 ingots
Untainted: +1

Level 2 - Iron Mines

Skavenslaves are sent to excavate iron seams - they will labour until exhaustion.

Income generated: 90
Iron resource production: 30 ingots
Untainted: +1

Level 3 - Iron Smelter

Metal-working is known to only a few clans, while others scavenge or barter for forged weapons.

Income generated: 100
Iron resource production: 45 ingots
Untainted: +2